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 When buying a product or availing of a service, be it physically or virtually, one of the things that you should look for in a particular company is their customer service reviews. There are many instances where-in the customer service is sub-par or even incompetent at times. It’s as if they don’t give a care in the world about what they’re selling or offering to their customers. Lack of empathy in particular is one of these problems, often times you get a customer service associate who doesn’t know how to empathize with a customer, they don’t know how to handle a customer emotionally and fail to put their selves in the shoes of who they’re talking to, this leads to poor problem solving and dissatisfied customers. 

The use of AI or Bots in their customer service is one reason for this, because bots have no emotion, they fail to understand their customer’s feelings and are often limited to a certain set of questions and solutions. They only know how to respond with those which were already pre-programmed within them, they cannot think outside the box and present innovative ways to solve problems. Another problem is when an associate is not good in communicating with their customers, this eventually leads up to some misunderstandings and poor execution of instructions. Instead of solving problems or getting answers, most end up making their problems unsolved or even making additional problems which weren’t there in the first place, some questions are left unanswered and the customer is not happy.

These are problems commonly shared with most customers that want to complain with the products and services that they purchased. In Bright Click Solutions, not only do you get outstanding servicebut they ensure that their customers get the best service that they  deserve. Their customer service associates are always happy to help you, they are good listeners and they heed to their customers demands. They work in an efficient manner saving both you and the associate’s time. They are able to communicate well and are good at giving out instructions, they converse well in English and are patient. If a problem isn’t solved within the business day, they make sure to follow through as soon as possible in order to solve the problem once and for all. They are very much accountable as well, they take ownership of your concern and help you solve your problems as if they were their own. They are your “teammate,” they know how to orchestrate tasks with you to solve the problem and will be monitoring the progress from start to finish as well, making sure the problem is solved while making sure the proper procedures were used.


In Bright Click Solutions, they put their customers first, they do not leave any problem unsolved and they offer their services 24/7, so even if you have a problem on a holiday, rest assured that a customer service associate will pickup the phone when you call and help you with your problems, they’re only one call away.

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