How My Clinic Went form Walk-ins to Booking Appointments

Running a walk-in clinic is quite tedious, especially when it’s a season for a particular disease, e.g. the flu. Basically, Walk-in clinics provide medical care for people who do not have a family doctor or have one and are unable to reach them. You can see a nurse or doctor, often without an appointment at a walk-in clinic, and get advice, assessment and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries such as cuts, bruises, minor infections, sprains and skin complaints. Walk-in clinics would also refer you to other doctors if they see an ailment that is not covered by their practice in order for it to get treated. Usually, the clinic assistant would take calls from patients that would want to confirm that they’re going to visit the clinic on a particular day and/or time. The assistant keeps track of this by writing the appointments on a logbook, but during flu season, it becomes quite hard to track the patients going into the clinic and those making appointments. This results in unnecessary stress for the assistant and this may also cause the assistant to even resign.

To address this problem, making a website which showcases your field of medicine is a good idea. The website would include your clinic hours, clinic address and an additional feature of booking an appointment online, making it easier for the assistant to keep track of the patients that want to visit the clinic for a diagnosis. This could also increase the likelihood of raking in new patients that would like to acquire your services, but in order to do this, your website should be easily reachable by the general public. 

In order for you to do this, you need a service to boost your website views and that’s where Bright Click Solution comes in. with Bright Click Solutions, I was able to maximize my clinic hours because of the online booking appointments, everything went smoothly in the clinic, the patients would definitely come for a consultation or diagnosis and without giving the assistant the unnecessary burden of writing down the appointments, all she had to do now was to check the website for bookings and then arrange the clinic schedules according to the appointments, all in a few clicks of a button. The clinic also had an influx of new patients, thanks to Bright Click’s innovative SEO solutions, the website would always be the first on every search results pane when it comes to walk-in clinics and if someone specifically searched for clinics of my field of medicine.

Thanks to Bright Click Solutions, the hassle of walk-in patients was lessened and we were even able to serve more people than ever before, thanks to the online booking system, the clinic hours became optimized and I could even give my prescriptions for simple ailments like coughs or the flu on my website, all with a few clicks of a button. All of this was made possible with the reliable service of Bright Click Solutions.

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