My Online Business is Selling More than Ever with Bright Click Solutions

I started my online business on Facebook, I’d usually post my products on my feed and tag as many friends as I can, and encourage them to share my business to their friends as well, I had a steady stream of customers and I had plenty of loyal customers as well, I started off with clothes then eventually I started selling beauty products as well, whitening soaps, whitening creams, lotions, facial cleansers, make up kits etc., then I had a steady influx of customers again. My online business was booming and I had well over a several hundred customers now. Eventually, I had to hire a few helping hands now because of all the orders that I was receiving. I slowly started to add perfumes and colognes as my products and my customer base grew again, and it was clearly getting harder to keep track of all the orders that I was receiving.

 I knew I had to find a solution to my problem, so I decided to hire someone to make a website to showcase my products and notify me of any orders that were made through the site, the site would also automatically keep track of the orders I received to make sure that everything went smoothly. I started to tell my customers about the new website that I made and told them that it would be easier to make orders in the site than on Facebook and that I’ll slowly transition into using my Facebook account from getting orders to answering queries instead. Many customers were thrilled because of this and I as well, was thrilled to test out the new website.

A few weeks passed and I started to get complaints of how the website was buggy and slow to load, they also had a hard time searching it on google when some wanted to show their friends the online shop but didn’t know the web address. These problems troubled me so I tried to find solutions to the problem. As I was doing my research, I stumbled upon a company that ensured that their website becomes optimized and would make it the number one search result on any search engine. This piqued my interest so I decided to take a look at their company website. Bright Click Solutions – that was the name of the company, little did I know that this discovery would change my business and eventually, my life.

After hiring Bright Click, they started to debug and optimize my website, they even remodeled it and it looked more beautiful now than before. The difference was noticeably clear, especially when I received my customer feedbacks, they were quite satisfied with the website upgrade and now they could refer the website to their friends faster and easier than before because they only had to search for the name of the store and it showed on top of their search results.

I gained even more customers now and I was selling my products from left to right, because of the website optimization that Bright Click Solutions did, my website would show on the results of searches even by simply searching for particular products that I sell. Thanks to Bright Click Solutions, I was able to expand my online business and gain a steady growth of customers.

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