My Remittance Business Is Doing More Transactions

I started a remittance business a few years back and I had a good start, at first, I served the local community, transferring money from one city to the other or from one town to the other. Business was booming and I had plenty of customers, I eventually expanded overseas to cater overseas workers, making it easier for them to give cash to their families back on their home countries. Everything was running smoothly and the business was booming, far exceeding my expectations since I started the business. I received a few suggestions, but one that piqued my interest was to make a website for my remittance business. I seriously thought about this and came to a conclusion that if I wanted to gain more customers, I really needed a cheaper way of advertising my services to other people, so I eventually decided to do it. I decided to make the website myself in order to cut some costs and because I wanted to learn how to make one as well. After tweaking the website, I was beginning to wonder how I would publish it. So, I searched online for services that would help me publish my website and one that would also optimize it for search results. That’s when I discovered Bright Click Solutions.

After publishing the website together with Bright Click Solutions, I was feeling anxious yet excited at the same time, I kept wondering how it would go, if it would help my business or not, now all I had to do was wait for the results of my hard work. After a few days, my website was getting a few views, this eventually became a hundred, then into thousands of views, and after a few months, my website reached tens of thousands of views already, it was also become more evident that more customers were availing of my services. Thanks to the new website, I was doing more transactions now and it has only been a few months. After a few more months, I received a few suggestions again and some said to make transactions through the website possible. Then it hit me, If I did this, my customers would definitely increase and they’d use my business more. After this, I checked with Bright Click Solutions if this was possible, and after a few minutes of talking on the phone, I learned that it was possible and all I needed to do was to integrate wire transfer from several banks unto the website in order for it to work. After doing this, we would be good to go.

Because of this, I had no reason to doubt what Bright Click Solutions could do, on top of their SEO magic, their customer service was quite accommodating as well, they’d answer my queries with ease and their answers were quite easy to understand, they also had the nicest staff. All in all, Bright Click Solutions is indeed a good company to work with.

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