People are Seeing More of our Plumbing Service and it’s Driving our Business Busier than Ever

We started a plumbing business in the nineties, we always had a lot of customers back then and we received dozens of calls each day for repairs. As the years went by, more competition started to appear and slowly, we lost a customer or two at a time, now, we only average a dozen calls for repairs in a day. We started rolling out fliers, hired a billboard, but it didn’t help much. We still struggled to gain customers and we feared that we would lose the ones that were left. Eventually, we stopped advertising with fliers and eventually we stopped renting the billboard as well. We started to look for other solutions to our problem, and one that wouldn’t take out too much money in our pockets. Eventually, we decided to build a website to show the world that we exist. It was quite cheaper than renting billboards and printing out fliers so it was good for the company. At first, we weren’t getting much customers but we did notice a slight increase, at first it was two, then eventually it became 5 additional calls a day asking for repairs and installations in the first few weeks of publishing the website.

In the first few months, we were still nowhere near the number of customers we used to have back when we first started but the increase was noticeably clear. Even though there was a clear increase of customers, we still wanted to get more so we could get more money and be able to buy new equipment and to possibly increase the salaries of our workers. Then one day, after a company meeting, we decided to boost the views of our website and possibly add the option of booking a repair or installation online, on the website itself. After this, we decided to search for companies which offered such services and we stumbled upon Bright Click Solutions. Eventually, the online booking system was integrated into the website, and the whole website was even remodeled and it was much faster to load now, even with a weak internet connection, but the biggest change that we observed was the huge influx of customers calling and even booking online. In fact, we even had more online bookings now than calls. We were serving more customers than ever, we even had to hire a few new hands to join the crew, something we haven’t done in a long time. It was noticeably clear that we were busier than ever now.

Thanks to Bright Click Solutions, the newly redesigned and optimized website was a success, serving customers and even answering queries was much easier now. Eventually we’d become the top plumbing company in the city and we’d even be able to expand to other places as well, to get even more customers, thanks to the innovative solutions that Bright Click Solutions gave us, it’s as if we were reborn and is now on the road to becoming one of the best plumbing companies out there.

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